4 New Crystal Healing Necklaces By Jelila – Power Up Your Positive Energy With Crystals!

Hi!  I’m Jelila, International Healer, and I love to share the positive energy of crystals – an amazing, so powerful and much underrated way to support your happy life – especially when the crystals are placed in special combinations, and programmed, as mine are.

These 4 new Crystal Healing Necklaces by Jelila were requested and inspired by clients in these 4 key areas of interest:

Pain Management– has crystals specially designed to help manage pain of any kind, for emotional or physical pain (watch video testimonial about how it works)

Conflict Resolution – works to resolve your inner conflicts, as well as helping your outer conflicts in relationships

Soulmate Love – aims to help you find your soulmate by resolving your inner conflicts about soulmate relationship

Soul Purpose – designed to help you gain clarity around your soul purpose so you feel clarity about direction and moving forward.

Just wear them, to feel the effect.  They need to be in your aura – the light field around you – within about 1 metre of your body, to work.
4 New Crystal Healing Necklaces By Jelila - Positive Energy!

See your choice of Crystal Healing Necklace in my online store:
Pain Management, Conflict Resolution,
Soulmate Love, and Soul Purpose.

See The Yoga Chord Crystals – the ‘overall powerhouse’ healing necklace – in my online store

See my book The Power of Crystals on Amazon/Kindle

See my book The Power of Crystals in my online store

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Simply wear to help you feel good and enhance each of those areas. Pain Management, Conflict Resolution, Soulmate Love, and Soul Purpose. Simply blow on your Crystal Healing Necklace to release absorbed negativity. Guaranteed against breakage for 10 years.

“Crystals when specially selected and programmed can do amazing things for your wellbeing and positivity – in a completely harmless, non-invasive and natural way!”  Jelila, author of The Power of Crystals.

Of course, you can also book an individual session with me if you’d like Crystal Healing, or to find out which crystals are best for you – in person, or online/by distance healing, works just as well.

More info:  www.jelila.com

To book:  www.calendly.com/jelila

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