Abundance Wealth Crystal Healing Necklace By Jelila www.jelila.com

Expansive, Attractive, Charismatic crystals in the Abundance Crystal healing necklace by Jelila, designed to expand your charisma as you wear it. Not for days when you ‘feel low’ – as it expands what you have already! Wear it when you feel good and want to expand that.

Pale yellow citrine has a vibration that feels similar to the vibration of money – so when you have it near you, you start to naturally pick up the vibration and feel more naturally wealthy. The Universe then also can perceives you as richer, and begin to reflect that to you, by sending more opportunity and wealth to you. Citrine is also inspiring and uplifting, good for positive thinking, connecting with and activating your business and action-oriented navel chakra, aiding your creativity, success, influence, and charisma in business.

Carnelian, which ranges from brown and black through various shades of orange and red – is a marvellous crystal for creating gentle flow, especially in its orange form, and bringing things together, in your life. It can help your cash flow, and connects with your sacral chakra, which represents how you flow in life, and is a great crystal to encourage more opportunities to flow to you.

Red agate is grounding. It helps to solidify opportunities and make them real. It helps to fully physically manifest opportunities and cash, connecting with your physical base chakra, drawing wealth to you.

All three of these wealth-encouraging crystals are included in the Abundance Crystal Healing Necklace by Jelila, which is also specially programmed with the intention of helping you manifest your most positive dreams and desires. The crystals work together – the Citrine is there to attract wealth, the Carnelian to help it flow, and the Red Agate to encourage it to physically come to you.
Available here
Available here
Abundance Wealth Crystal Healing Necklace By Jelila   www.jelila.com

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