Your Inner Child – Joyful? Or Hurt and Hiding In The Cupboard? Release Your Stuck Throat Chakra.

Hi, I’m Jelila, International Healer. I often hear ‘I’m creatively blocked’ from my clients – or ‘my throat chakra is blocked’.

Try ‘Inner Child Treasures’ and ‘Activating the Magical Child’ to free up your throat chakra and your self-expression. Close your eyes, use a gentle open mouthed breath in and out, and just give yourself to the experience.


And – if some imagery shows up that seems different from what I’m saying – just go with it, will you?

Oh – and ‘what’s that funny singing?’  It’s Light Language. Using ‘nonsense’ words which make a sound wave as a ‘vehicle’, I can transport positive ideas feelings wishes and beliefs to you directly – without words.  That’s why it is so oddly comforting.

Blocked throat chakra means – in a nutshell – that your Inner Child – the playful part of you – may have had a hard time when you were a child. It can still be still ‘stuck in the past’ – hurt, sorrowful and can’t express itself – feeling criticized by another part of you – your ‘Inner Masculine’ or ‘ego’.

To help these parts get on, which can help your Inner Child feel more free and feel more supported in its desired expression – I’ve created some mini meditations to help. Just listen to these and they’ll help you feel freer and more creative in no time!

And if you’d like to work with me directly to heal your inner child and feel more playful and creative – sure you can! In person or online works just as well.

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