Save the World with Jelila

If planetary destruction is being caused by us – then the change must happen in the same place – within us. Jelila explains how – and while you’re doing this important Planetary Healing Process – Jelila also explains why things have always been this way – what really causes our ‘stress’ as humans – hidden, secret planetary history, that you need to know, right now. And how to change it. Please use the link at the end to share this information, which also has powerful and wonderful benefits for your life – as explained in the videos.

The preliminary video is an introduction to the series, and an intro to Jelila, planetary healer.

Video 1 – Empowering the Feminine – is a humdinger of a belief change that releases the feminine from centuries of hidden suppression by a hidden ‘intention’ that has been lurking in our psyches – changing it, releases you to feel your feelings, value your feelings, value women. You will not need ‘feminism’ once you acquire this new positive belief. You’ll also be able to contemplate having ‘equal relationships ‘ – at last! All is explained in the video.

Video 2 – Calming the Masculine – is a powerful subconscious transformation that calms your thinking mind, calming your overthinking and ‘egotistical tendencies’. This one also gets you off ‘the work treadmill’ – in a surprising and inspiring way.

Video 3 – Slowing the need for ‘Progress’ – is a powerful belief change that lets you… slow down and chill. It explains why we have a strong subconscious desire to constantly ‘improve’ and ‘progress’, where this comes from, and how this tendency is involved in our over-building and over-developing behaviour, which is wrecking the planet.

The intro and Video 1 is now available; the other videos are currently uploading and will appear on Youtube when ready.

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