Bali and Coronavirus COVID-19 – update – by Jelila, international spiritual healer, Ubud

I have written a planetary healing Light Language grid for healing the COVID-19 virus, it will soon be available in another post for you to access, and on my Youtube channel, Jelilala. I am also planning a ‘Wellness in Isolation’ Retreat in Bali for visitors who are here and dealing with isolation and COVID-19. The Retreat will use, teach, and support isolation and cleansing best practises while helping to reduce fear and worry and offering playful and creative learning activities. Please email me for details at: and I will be posting about this as well.

As of 17 March 2020, inward visas for visitors to Bali have been suspended by the Indonesian government by 1 month, in an effort to isolate to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The situation in Bali is calm and (some!) people are self-isolating. Flights in and out of China were immediately banned by Indonesia back in early Feb, and there is a response to Coronavirus here in place, as this article explains:

5 hospitals in Bali have been allocated to deal with the virus, and they are listed in the article. Testing for the virus is available (tests are sent to Jakarta) via the helpline below, available in English, so there is an active response to COVID-19 in place, here in Bali.

Bali Coronavirus Helpline: Indonesia Coronavirus Helpline COVID 19 Helpline in Bali:
The Bali Spirit Festival has been cancelled or postphoned, their website currently has information about Bali’s response to Coronavirus or COVID-19 Corona virus, including details further down the page of the Indonesian COVID Coronavirus Helpline, which is also available in English:

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