Healing 'Light Language Grid' for COVID-19 coronavirus – personal and planetary healing, spiritual healing for COVID-19 coronavirus Positive Intention by Jelila, International Spiritual Healer, Ubud, Bali

POSITIVE INTENTION: ‘All humans are safe and healthy and unaffected by COVID-19 virus, by or before 30th April 2020, gently, easily, and quickly, and in the highest good of all concerned’.

COVID-19 coronavirus Light Language Healing Grid by Jelila - www.jelila.com  Print this out, have it near you, use as the background on your phone.

‘Unity in Isolation’ – Retreat with Jelila in Ubud, Bali, Mar-April 2020

POSITIVE INTENTION: ‘All humans are safe and healthy and unaffected by COVID-19 virus, by or before 30th April 2020, gently, easily, and quickly, and in the highest good of all concerned’. This is the intention of the Light Language Grid, above, which is for personal healing, and planetary healing, by Jelila, spiritual healer, Ubud, and is free to use.

A series of videos about the making of the grid, and the meaning of the sacred geometric shapes and colours, is on my Youtube channel, Jelilala.

To use the grid, please print it and put it where you can see it regularly,- you can use as a background on your phone. More details are below.

Light Language is a way of writing positive intentions as a vibrational energy. As you have the grid near you, which is a special combination of sacred geometries and colours that specify energies, your system picks up the positive information, on a sub-conscious level and begins to resonate or ‘vibe’ with the positive intention – assisting it to manifest as your ‘truth’. The more people who feel and vibe with the positive intention, the easier it is for it to manifest, for then ‘the energy already exists for it’ in the world.

Note that positive intentions need to be declared as if they are happening in the present – as the universe only understands ‘now’, and a request made for ‘the future’ never arrives.

So the grid helps, as an antidote to accidental negative requests born of ‘negative thinking’ or worry.

This Free grid, which I have written as a community grid, or free grid, can ideally be printed out and placed where you see it often. It is free to share, and please share it as widely as possible or use it on your phone.

Physical printing helps to actualise it and assists manifestation, so please print it out for me! I have provided a ‘4-up’ version (below) that prints 4 mini copies on 1x A4 sheet if you want to give it to friends. Making the grid your phone background so you see it often, is also a great idea.

Meaning of the Sacred Shaped Geometries and Colours in the grid:

I recorded the writing of the grid in a series of short videos, and commented on the meaning of the energies I saw emerging within it, as I channeled, or intuitively created, the grid. I am a certified Advanced Light Language Practitioner, which is how I can write the grid. These explanatory videos include explaining the meanings of some of the sacred geometric shapes and colours in the grid, are on my Youtube channel which is called jelilala.

Effects of the grid:

The grid includes energies which may:

– Provoke an aha moment (individually and globally)

-Cause physical healing solutions to be developed and widely shared

– Effect global healing (aka evoke new understanding)

– Cause physical healing to occur

-Provoke awareness and understanding (which is ‘healing’) personally and globally

– Ease the healing (planetary discovery) process and make it more comfortable and loving

– Make change more comfortable

– Allow space for new spiritual perspectives and discovery of new ways of being

What is Healing?

Note: ‘healing’ really means ‘uncovering, understanding and accepting what was previously not known, what was blocked, what was in conflict, or what was misunderstood, on a sub-conscious level’. Meaning, discordant creations are the accidental outward expression of some inner, usually hidden, discord or ‘need’ – in some part of the self – often relating to ‘safety’ – as safety is a deep human urge.

Fear of ‘others’ – a hidden, ‘underlying cause’ of COVID-19 coronavirus

In this case, I feel that the ‘fear of others’ is a key, hidden thought relating to COVID-19. Consider being afraid of infecting someone else. Or of someone affecting you. A simpler underlying truth might be that ‘others aren’t safe’.  Resolving that fear and overcoming it, which can potentially help to release physical  expressions of that fear, like COVID-19, is included in the grid.

The grid is intended to assist speedy understanding, healing and resolution. I chose the date for completion as being a balance between ‘unreasonably challenging to expect and ‘could be possible’. (This kind of goal grid always has a date attached.)

The safety proviso ‘gently, easily, and quickly, and in the highest good of all’ is designed to prevent us from ‘over-helping’ – or, interfering, in a spiritually meaningful experience, for example, or causing the treasure of the experience to be missed – where, a seemingly negative experience might actually be ‘in the highest good’. 

The grid contains certain positive energies. They come in a sequence or series of transformations. If you experience a strong reaction to the grid, please simply keep it further from you like a few metres away, until you grow accustomed to it. 

How you react to the grid

Your soul/body system will tend to ‘bring up’ anything within you that is ‘contra to’ or disharmonious with, the positive outcome of the grid. So it may cause some challenge or healing (discovery) in your personal experience, in order to bring hidden blocks or issues to your awareness and thus to assist planetary healing.

This discovery process IS the process of healing. If it feels too much for you, please put the grid farther away, and puff out feelings through your open mouth, til they release. Then come back to the grid, later, when ready.

PLEASE CONTINUE WITH HAND-WASHING and other physical solutions like distancing! Don’t stop! As this virus experience is already physically actualised, physical solutions need to CONTINUE ALONGSIDE spiritual healing ones like the grid.

More information about Light Language and how it works, is on my website www.jelila.com

I hope this grid is helpful to you, to your loved ones, and for planetary healing.

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‘Unity in Isolation’ Retreat with Jelila in Ubud, Bali, March-April 2020

Jelila is an international healer and Advanced Light Language practitioner. She featured in a blog as one of the ‘5 best Bali healers‘,  has a successful 23 year healing practise, and has written 5 books on personal development, available on Amazon/Kindle. She has recorded more than 20 sound-healing mp3 collections, created her own deep belief-release healing modality ‘The Reprogramming’ and has appeared in many magazines. Jelila appears at top resorts like The Westin, The Four Seasons, Revivo, and The Bale. Her new, pink shop ‘Ubud Fairy Village’ is designed for art therapy, fun, and inner child healing, and opens soon near her healing space, at 31 Jl. Sukma Kusuma, Ubud.

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