Being the best you can be – News from Bali and Summer offer

Bringing Darkness to Light…

Behind every outer issue is the inner issue (even ‘planetary’ ones): The real cause of stress is always within you – secret sub-conscious thoughts or conflicts that hide in your system and cause pain, negativity, doubt, worry, limitation and lack.

The Reprogramming Signature Session is about releasing negative beliefs, bringing relief, and is available in Bali, and online via Messenger, Skype, Zoom, etc – Escape stress, and get on with enjoying your year!
More information on The Reprogramming

Transformation: Above:  Ubud Fairy Village, my new creative business in Ubud for the inner child in everyone.  Please Join! Ubudfairy village here on: facebookinstagram and online at

It took courage to create my dream in the middle of… everything!  We opened in March 2020.

Staying focused on your vision may be a challenge just now.  But it’s what we all have to do!
Email me your thoughts on that if you wish, and I’ll help you.


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Past-Life Journey is the key to Releasing Trauma

A lot of people worry about, and suffer from, their unresolved trauma.

Past Life Journey is the answer!  I’ve done it hundreds of times, and really, it’s the bomb, for trauma.  Go straight to the root cause in this amazingly powerful yet very gentle process that lets you access and release old stuck feelings and patterns, and works, even for people who say they ‘tried past life regression but it didn’t work’.  You don’t even need to know your trauma, or share the details, they will be released in the session. You release not only the original cause, but all the pattern that got set up after that.  Super helpful!

Pm or email me for details.

Flying Elephant by Jelila

Regardless of what is going on – focus on your dream!


+62 81339561271

Getting back to Bali…

All is calm here and some businesses have re-opened.The governor has just announced Arak as a health giving cure, which at least shows that Bali is competing with the rest of the world for ‘spin’!

In March, gathering all my courage, I opened my new business at 31 Sukma Street, (100m down from Sayuri) called Ubud Fairy Village. It’s a creative space to nurture your inner child and open your throat chakra!  It’s going very well.  A bit more on how you can join in on that, below.  And now…

Being the best you can be – special offer

Being ‘the best you can be’, is a challenge for some, but all it really needs is a spiritual tuneup, so that the great things you’ve already worked on can actually come together and create what you really want!

To help you achieve that, I’m offering a Summer Special of 1 session completely FREE, for returning customers, when you book and pay for 2 sessions, throughout July/August.

Yes that’s right – 1 session completely FREE – and its type will be the same as the other 2 sessions you book. So, book 2 x Signature Reprogramming sessions, you’ll receive a whole 2 hour Reprogramming Session, worth US$300 FREE!

Or if you book 2 x Intuitive Healing/Chakra Balancing Sessions worth $80 per hour each – you’ll receive another hour, worth US$80 – completely FREE!

(Note – may not be combined with any other offer).

To book, order your 2 sessions here, and I will contact you.  Or just reply to this email and/or Whatsapp: +6281339561271

If you’re not sure which session is best for you, please drop me a line.

To your ‘being the best you can be’.

Jelila ❤️🌟👏🤗✨🌹💝🧚🏻‍♀️

Ubud Fairy Village is a space for creation, play, the inner child, and we offer creative paperclay courses like ‘Make a Fairy’, ‘Make a Unicorn’ etc. It’s great place to learn to create, and to ‘unblock your throat chakra!’ And an inspiring place for people to visit, at this time.

Please join us #ubudfairyvillage here at InstagramFacebook,
and online at:

and… do book!  Let me know how I can help you ‘be the best you’ ❤️

The Detox Necklace - release negativity and feel good!

The Easy Way To Feel Good!

Crystals Help You Feel Positive: Did you know that the high vibration of crystals can help you raise your spirits & feel good?

The ‘Detox Necklace’ by Jelila has crystals for negativity – so you feel positive and grounded when you wear it – perfect to help you stay focused on your goals!

More information on the Detox Crystal Necklace:

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