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Secrets of Soulmate Love

Namaste! from Bali.  Gradually re-opening and hoping to see you soon!

Finding your soulmate (or, understanding your relationship with someone you already met), is something a lot of you ask me about.  What do those relationships mean?  Why are they so challenging, why so perplexing?

The real reason, as you may know, lies within you, in the relationship between your own masculine and feminine.  Getting the connection happening properly between your own divine masculine and your own divine feminine, is the key to getting your real relationships working.

Soulmate Love Reading/Healing is a deep experience that lets you review the connection between your divine masculine (your body) and your divine feminine (consciousness).  The reading is done by reading the Light Language in your Aura – the actual sacred shapes in various colours, that you have in your aura right now.  These reveal what various parts of you are doing, revealing fascinating insights to your internal conflicts, and ultimately, helping you release them, via a Reprogramming experience.

But what about real life? Why is it, that soulmates tend to appear, be fabulous, and then, run a mile? Or, you yourself run away?

Well, at first, what happens, is they reflect to you some gorgeous aspects of yourself, that you had denied, or overlooked.  You go ‘wow! amazing!’ as the shiny mirror of this other person reflects some of your hidden light or beauty, and you ‘fall in love with them’.  Actually, you fall in love with a lost aspect of yourself, that perhaps, your soul would like to recover!

Then, what happens, is they start to reflect to you parts of yourself that you DON’T like – that you denied!  Eeek!  So what happens then is that you may run away – or they do, as you also reflect denied negative traits back at THEM!  Which non-one finds easy to see – but which can be incredibly valuable – as they will let you recover lost aspects of your self.

Soulmate Love Relationship – not so easy!  Why it’s so challenging – and what you can do to help.

If you want to find out What’s Going On, and What to Do About It, Soulmate Love Readipng/Healing peers into your aura and lets you discover the real, deep, hidden issue, and change it.  It is deeply transforming, and profoundly helpful.  A life-changing experience.  Afterwards, relationships tend to shift, and the reading/healing also affects your ‘world view’ – it is profound.

Ubud Fairy Village. Is progressing well, I am enjoying helping children to express themselves, and helping adults to get in touch with their inner child and create all kinds of magical things from paperclay – fairies, trolls, elves, fairy houses, and more!  Housed in a pink shop that looks like an English sweetie shop, we are located at 31 Jalan Sukma, the same street as Sayuri.  It’s about 100m down on the opposite side.

If you’d like to try creating with paperclay, we have classes that you can do remotely, as well, have a look at my  site to see those, and we have a ‘virtual visit’ as well – if you’d like to be shown around in a tour or even shop remotely!
A bit more on how you can join in on that, below.  And now…

Being the best you can be – special offer

Just mentioning this again, as some clients had missed it the first time and asked for the info.

Being ‘the best you can be’, is a challenge for some, but all it really needs is a spiritual tuneup, so that the great things you’ve already worked on can actually come together and create what you really want!

To help you achieve that, I’m offering a Summer Special of 1 session completely FREE, for returning customers, when you book and pay for 2 sessions, throughout August.

Yes that’s right – 1 session completely FREE – and its type will be the same as the other 2 sessions you book. So, book 2 x Signature Reprogramming sessions, you’ll receive a whole 2 hour Reprogramming Session, worth US$300 FREE!

Or if you book 2 x Intuitive Healing/Chakra Balancing Sessions worth $80 per hour each – you’ll receive another hour, worth US$80 – completely FREE!

To book, order your 2 sessions here, and I will contact you.  Or just reply to this email and/or Whatsapp: +6281339561271

If you’re not sure which session is best for you, please drop me a line.

Another offer!
If you just want one session, let me know!  I am offering 2 free downloads of my healing music worth USD 44 when you book a single session by 10 August!

To your ‘being the best you can be’.

Jelila ❤️🌟👏🤗✨🌹💝🧚🏻‍♀️

Ubud Fairy Village is a space for creation, play, the inner child, and we offer creative paperclay courses like ‘Make a Fairy’, ‘Make a Unicorn’ etc. It’s great place to learn to create, and to ‘unblock your throat chakra!’ And an inspiring place for people to visit, at this time.

You can see the latest on Ubud Fairy Village, on Instagram!

Please join us #ubudfairyvillage here at InstagramFacebook,
and online at:

and… do book!  Let me know how I can help you ‘be the best you’ ❤️  All sessions are also available by zoom, whatsapp etc and by distance or remote energy/intuitive healing.
It’s all in the combo!One crystal is great, but it’s the combination of crystals that creates real transformation.

Crystals Help You Feel Positive:
 Did you know that the high vibration of crystals can help you raise your spirits & feel good?

The ‘Detox Necklace’ by Jelila has crystals for negativity – so you feel positive and grounded when you wear it – perfect to help you stay focused on your goals!

More information on the Detox Crystal Necklace:
 Father healingListen to this and feel uplifted:  ‘My Father’s Love’ is a special song I wrote for healing negativity around ‘Father’, the physical world, mand attracting wealth.

You can listen to the full ‘My Father’s Love’ song online, (a little gift from me!) and also read the lyrics.

Father Negativity HealingRaising consciousness…The real cause of stress is always within you – secret sub-conscious thoughts or conflicts that hide in your system and cause pain, negativity, doubt, worry, limitation and lack.

I’ve been doing deep planetary healing for the last few years, and of course, in the past months as well.  I have a ‘healing team’ who have been helping me to reprogram some issues that were too big for me to process on my own.  Of course these touch all of us, so when you Reprogram your issues – you also help the world!

The Reprogramming Signature Session is about releasing negative beliefs, bringing relief, and is available in Bali, and online via Messenger, Skype, Zoom, etc – Escape stress, and get on with enjoying your year!  
More information on The ReprogrammingTransformation: Above:  Ubud Fairy Village, my new creative business in Ubud for the inner child in everyone.  Please Join! Ubudfairy village here on: facebookinstagramand online at

It took courage to create my dream in the middle of… everything!  We opened in March 2020.

Delightfully, customers keep ‘bringing me pieces of my dream’ – asking me to create things for them, that I already desired!  Latest things are a class to make cute animals – so kids can actually make their own gorgeous ‘play farm’.  And a new ‘funny trolls’ class, to make trolls with cute rainbow hair.  And dragons – I love the wise energy of dragons, so we have made a mama dragon with cute baby dragons inside.

Staying focused on your dream or vision may be a challenge just now.  But it’s what we all have to do! 
Email me your thoughts on that if you wish, and I’ll help you.

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