A Quick Boost session that created Respect and got rid of ‘the victim’ mentality.

Carry on living, now. Try a Quick Boost – still at an amazing discount!
In a recent Reprogramming, which was part of a Quick Boost session, my client Jason, said that he had trouble ‘being heard’ in relationships, felt ignored, even, felt like he was invisible or didn’t even exist.  Have you ever felt like that?

We explored some deep beliefs, and it turned out that Jason had blocked anger – which is quite common – all it takes is for you to experience an angry parent and be afraid, which can then create that you are ‘afraid of anger’.

This means though, not just that you are afraid of receiving anger from someone else – no, it also blocks you from expressing anger yourself!

Now, if you have blocked anger, you might think ‘what’s wrong with that?’  Well, what’s wrong with it, is it may well be responsible for causing you to feel like a doormat, to feel that no-one respects you, or to experience that you are ignored!

Why? – because, if you literally have ‘no anger’ whatsoever – if you cannot express anger, at all – then you have no ‘oomph’!  People will feel that!  They will instinctively know, that even if they treat you badly, you are not going to do anything!  You are not going to get angry and yell at them!  You are not going to stand up to them!  You are just going to back down, every time, ‘be nice’ and tell yourself ‘I shouldn’t get angry!’ as you burn, inside!

They feel this acquiescence, and they take it as silent permission to ignore you, to trample your feelings, to push you around, and to treat you as a doormat!

All because you blocked – anger!

Further, ‘anger’ as an energy, is part of the energy that gives you the spark to get up in the morning, to fight on when necessary and not give up, to fight off disease – to keep going!  If you blocked it, you may give up too easily – which can block your success, because persistence is an element of success – or even, you may become depressed and hopeless because of it.

If you’d like to change any of that, a Reprogramming (which can be part of a Quick Boost) can quickly help!

I said ‘shall we change it?’ and Jason agreed.  I guided him to accept anger, so that he can balance it with his passivity – so now he can be more forceful in his life – have more power, and stop being such a victim in his relationships! 

Global Energy
~ Did you know that there is a ‘global energy network’?  Similar to the internet but for psychic and intuitive energies.  Through this network, I can sense you anywhere, just the same as when you are with me.  It’s handy, as it enables me to offer you remote support, like this:

Quick Boost – 1 hour – USD $50 or equivalent
This affordable session is a special offer for these times.  It includes some Reprogramming to neutralise negative beliefs, followed by intuitive healing by distance with Light Language song to calm and harmonise you, leaving you feeling clear, relaxed, and positive.

LIMITED EDITION SESSION – only 5 SESSIONS PER WEEK like this!  First come first served!  So shoot me an email right now, jelila@jelila.com to claim yours!

You’ll receive the same care and attention, and my best efforts, all at a special low price, with just the same quality that you expect when you are here with me in Bali.

Jelila ❤️🌟👏🤗✨🌹💝🧚🏻‍♀️

and… do book!  Let me know how I can help you get through these times with a ‘quick boost‘! ❤️ Note:  some clients are taking advantage of this offer by having a weekly session at the special rate.  It’s fine if you’d like to do that (as long as I can fit you in!)

The Easy Way To Feel Good!
Crystals Help You Feel Positive: Did you know that the high vibration of crystals can help you raise your spirits & feel good?

The ‘Detox Necklace’ by Jelila has crystals for negativity – so you feel positive and grounded when you wear it – perfect to help you stay focused on your goals!

More information on the Detox Crystal Necklace:

 Father healing

Listen to this and feel uplifted:  ‘My Father’s Love’ is a special song I wrote for healing negativity around ‘Father’, and attracting wealth.

You can listen to the full ‘My Father’s Love’ song online, (a little gift from me!) and also read the lyrics.

Father Negativity Healing

Bringing Darkness to Light…
Behind every outer issue is the inner issue (even ‘planetary’ ones): The real cause of stress is always within you – secret sub-conscious thoughts or conflicts that hide in your system and cause pain, negativity, doubt, worry, limitation and lack.

The Reprogramming Signature Session is about releasing negative beliefs, bringing relief, and is available in Bali, and online via Messenger, Skype, Zoom, etc – Escape stress, and get on with enjoying your year!  
More information on The Reprogramming

Transformation:  Ubud Fairy Village, my new creative business in Ubud for the inner child in everyone.  Please Join! Ubudfairy village here on: facebookinstagramand online at www.ubudfairyvillage.com

It took courage to create my dream in the middle of… everything!  We opened in March 2020.

Staying focused on your vision may be a challenge just now.  But it’s what we all have to do! 
Email me your thoughts on that if you wish, and I’ll help you.

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