Waiting for the Future

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It’s quite common for people to believe that ‘the future’ is already decided – that the future already exists – and that all we need to do, is find out what’s in it, and act accordingly!

But that’s not true!  The future, is an infinite array of possibility.  You can draw towards yourself what you wish to create.  Now, I realise that you might not know what that is, and also, that you might be limiting yourself because of current events.  Are you in fact ‘waiting to see what happens’?

Carry on Living

The invitation, and the way to invoke The Law of Attraction – Universal Law of how everything manifests – is to step outside of ‘what you know’ and ‘what is obviously going on’ in other words – to be incredibly strong of mind, and to determine (decide) for yourself, how you want things to be – and then feel, like that.

It’s your feelings that draw your future (your desired and designed future – regardless of what seems ‘real’ now) – to you!  Not your thinking!  You must go into your feminine and feel, say, delight, at your dream coming true, in order to manifest it.

Don’t make the mistake though, of ‘asking for process’.  Don’t ‘ask for a pay rise’.  Instead, see yourself on a shopping spree, buying everything you want.  Ask for the End Result.  It’s not your job to determine the ‘how’ – that’s the job of the Universe!  Don’t create that you have to ‘work to get the money’ – just ‘have the money’ – by feeling that – and let the Universe work out the details for you!

Don’t ask ‘to have a better relationship’ – you’re just telling the Universe that the one you have ‘isn’t good enough’!  So the Universe will give you that – a current relationship that is not good enough! You see, the Universe manifests Exactly What You Ask it For.

So, instead – see yourself and feel yourself, having the relationship you desire. Otherwise, you’re asking for ‘more of the same’.  Ask for the desired end results – not the steps along the way.

Homework:  write down 5 amazing dream scenarios – situations that would delight you.  Then feeeeeel the feeling that you have, when that’s true.  Like, joy, happiness, delight… That’s how to draw your dreams to you.

Fascinated by the Law of Attraction and what I am saying here – but feel a bit unconfident that you are ‘doing it right’? Then do my online course: Master of Manifestation – you’ll learn through fun quizzes and practise, how to speak to the Universe so that it listens!

Global Energy
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You can listen to the full ‘My Father’s Love’ song online, (a little gift from me!) and also read the lyrics.

Father Negativity HealingBringing Darkness to Light…Behind every outer issue is the inner issue (even ‘planetary’ ones): The real cause of stress is always within you – secret sub-conscious thoughts or conflicts that hide in your system and cause pain, negativity, doubt, worry, limitation and lack.

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It took courage to create my dream in the middle of… everything!  We opened in March 2020.

Staying focused on your vision may be a challenge just now.  But it’s what we all have to do! 
Email me your thoughts on that if you wish, and I’ll help you.

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Are you a secret ‘victim’?

Carry on living, now.
In a Reprogramming online session, my client Jason, said that he had trouble ‘being heard’ in relationships, felt ignored, even, felt like he was invisible or didn’t even exist.  Have you ever felt like that?

We explored some deep beliefs, and it turned out that Jason had blocked anger – which is quite common – all it takes is for you to experience an angry parent and be afraid, which can then create that you are ‘afraid of anger’.

This means though, not just that you are afraid of receiving anger from someone else – no, it also blocks you from expressing anger yourself!

Now, if you have blocked anger, you might think ‘what’s wrong with that?’  Well, what’s wrong with it, is it may well be responsible for causing you to feel like a doormat, to feel that no-one respects you, or to experience that you are ignored!

Why? – because, if you literally have ‘no anger’ whatsoever – if you cannot express anger, at all – then you have no ‘oomph’!  People will feel that!  They will instinctively know, that even if they treat you badly, you are not going to do anything!  You are not going to get angry and yell at them!  You are not going to stand up to them!  You are just going to back down, every time, ‘be nice’ and tell yourself ‘I shouldn’t get angry!’ as you burn, inside!

They feel this acquiescence, and they take it as silent permission to ignore you, to trample your feelings, to push you around, and to treat you as a doormat!

All because you blocked – anger!

Further, ‘anger’ as an energy, is part of the energy that gives you the spark to get up in the morning, to fight on when necessary and not give up, to fight off disease – to keep going!  If you blocked it, you may give up too easily – which can block your success, because persistence is an element of success – or even, you may become depressed and hopeless because of it.

I said ‘shall we change it?’ and Jason agreed.  I guided him to accept anger, so that he can balance it with his passivity – so now he can be more forceful in his life – have more power, and stop being such a victim in his relationships! 

Global Energy
~ Did you know that there is a ‘global energy network’?  Similar to the internet but for psychic and intuitive energies.  Through this network, I can sense you anywhere, just the same as when you are with me.  It’s handy, as it enables me to offer you remote support, like this:


A Real Past-Life Journey Story, that Released Joy

In a past life journey with a recent client, Jessica, she sorrowfully told me ‘I feel sad, all the time, and I just don’t know why!’  We explored the issue, and Reprogrammed some deep beliefs, releasing blocks about money, about being here in the world, and some other important things.  Then, in the Intuitive part of the session as she laid down, I used the 

Past life journey is a  powerful guided visualisation that lets you re-visit things that happened to you – to take her back to the Original Cause of ‘the sadness problem’.

I saw Jessica in a snowy environment, in the 5th Century, having been  bitten by a wolf and falling in a hole in the snow, bleeding to death, dying of the cold and her wounds.  Jessica saw the same vision (sometimes clients see the story – sometimes not – but don’t worry – the process still works to resolve the issue).

I said ‘shall we change it?’ and Jessica agreed.  After guiding her to release feelings of helplessness, anger, frustration, grief and yes, sadness – I called a horse to come and pull her out of the mud.  Jessica then saw herself being pulled back to safety, by some people who arrived with a sled. 

An important part of the story was that Jessica was a ‘wise woman’ at this time.  She felt so foolish, at both ‘not using her wisdom’ and at ‘losing’ her wisdom, by dying prematurely and not passing it on, that in her current lifetime, she had been hiding her wisdom from the world, refusing to use her true powers to help others.  This ‘wisdom’ aspect was freed up in the session, and Jessica also learned again how to experience joy – the missing feeling from her life, that had been causing her constant sadness.

The reason for the ‘joy block’ was that – having done something silly before going out in the snow – Jessica had been sharing a few drinks with friends, in those olden times – and got drunk – she then had the terrible accident that lead to her death.  So Jessica had connected ‘having fun’ with ‘a terrible thing happening’ and ‘being unsafe or dying’.  So her subconscious system had been ‘blocking joy from her life’ in order to ‘keep her safe’!  Which is understandable but was making her life hardly worth living, as she was so sad.

Jessica told me of some other events in her present lifetime that were very similar – getting drunk, getting in trouble, then feeling very bad – that she could now see were directly related to the original story.

All those other related events were also released in the session however – the session releases all related events, and clears the entire pattern!

A few days after the session, Jessica told me that she was happier and much more able to have fun and that new work opportunities were coming into her life.

If  you have a ‘repeating pattern’, ‘unresolved trauma’, or you’d like to uncover how past life events might be affecting your life now and free yourself from them, past life journey can help you.

How to find your Soulmate

Secrets of Soulmate Love

Finding your soulmate (or, understanding your relationship with someone you already met), is something a lot of you ask me about.  What do those relationships mean?  Why are they so challenging, why so perplexing?

The real reason, as you may know, lies within you, in the relationship between your own masculine and feminine.  Getting the connection happening properly between your own divine masculine and your own divine feminine, is the key to getting your real relationships working.

Soulmate Love Reading/Healing s a deep experience that lets you review the connection between your divine masculine (your body) and your divine feminine (consciousness).  The reading is done by reading the Light Language in your Aura – the actual sacred shapes in various colours, that you have in your aura right now.  These reveal what various parts of you are doing, revealing fascinating insights to your internal conflicts, and ultimately, helping you release them, via Reprogramming beliefs.

But what about real life? Why is it, that soulmates tend to appear, be fabulous, and then, run a mile? Or, you yourself run away?

Well, at first, what happens, is they reflect to you some gorgeous aspects of yourself, that you had denied, or overlooked.  You go ‘wow! amazing!’ as the shiny mirror of this other person reflects some of your hidden light or beauty, and you ‘fall in love with them’.  Actually, you fall in love with a lost aspect of yourself, that perhaps, your soul would like to recover!

Then, what happens, is they start to reflect to you parts of yourself that you DON’T like – that you denied!  Eeek!  So what happens then is that you may run away – or they do, as you also reflect denied negative traits back at THEM!  Which non-one finds easy to see – but which can be incredibly valuable – as they will let you recover lost aspects of your self.

Soulmate love relationship is not so easy!  Why is it so challenging – and what can you do to help?

If you want to find out What’s Going On, and What to Do About It, then discovering what is in your aura and discovering the real, deep, hidden issue, block or resistance – and changing it – can really help.  It is deeply transforming, and profoundly helpful.  A life-changing experience.  Afterwards, relationships tend to shift, and the reading/healing also affects your ‘world view’ – it is profound.

Your Inner Child – Joyful? Or Hurt and Hiding In The Cupboard? Release Your Stuck Throat Chakra.

Do you feel ‘I’m creatively blocked’ – or say ‘my throat chakra is blocked’?

Blocked throat chakra means – in a nutshell – that your Inner Child – the playful part of you – may have had a hard time when you were a child. Your Inner Child can still be still ‘stuck in the past’ – hurt, sorrowful and can’t express itself – feeling criticized by another part of you – your ‘Inner Masculine’ or ‘ego’.

Healing your inner child helps you feel more playful and creative, and brings more meaning to your life.

Which Crystals can relieve pain, help with natural pain relief?

Hi!  I’m Jelila, International Healer.  One of my clients, Tatiana, said: ‘I have felt pain for a number of years. Wearing Jelila’s pain management crystal healing necklace has stopped it almost right away and I feel much better’.   Watch Tatiana on Video.  Get yours here

Which Crystals can relieve pain, help with pain relief?


How does it work?  Crystals possess different resonant vibrations and when combined, can be used to ‘say’ complex things to your body.  They can express a healthy feeling vibration that your body picks up.  In addition, The Pain Managemente crystal healing necklace by Jelila is special, because it contains a ‘Light Language Grid’ – a ‘program’ which defines methods that your body can use for self-healing.  Think of it as being a bit like a download program from the internet – that your body can use.


What kind of pain does it work on?  Any kind – that’s why it needed a ‘Light Language Grid’ – a special program – to make it work – because that’s quite a complex thing to ask it to do – it could help with emotional pain, or physical pain, or anything that is ‘a pain’ in your life.


How does it do that?  It guides you to embrace and accept your ’emotional pain’ – the hidden stuff that you are converting into physical or other kinds of ‘pain’ – as you have not been able to accept and process it on an emotional level.  As such it will tend to bring healing, transformation, and love.


How do I pick up the positive energy?  You just wear it, or have it near you, in your ‘aura’ – a field of light that stretches about 1 metre around your body – in order to benefit from it.

See the Pain Management Necklace in my online store

See The Yoga Chord Crystals in my online store

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See my book The Power of Crystals in my online store

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Ever felt like one part doesn’t know what the other is doing?

The Gift of Harmony by Jelila is a transformation course and a book available on Amazon/Kindle that explains a new concept for self-understanding that many people find very helpful in guiding them to create work-life balance.
Ever felt like one part doesn't know what the other is doing?

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Confusion Buster – how to overcome confusion, get clarity and get clear!

Hi! I’m Jelila, international healer.  And I’ve discovered something simple yet powerful that can help you overcome your confusion and get clear.  It’s that – different parts of you want different things!  Have a listen to my mp3 explaining, and showing you what you can do to untangle your inner mixed up desires:



When you understand the 4 inner characters that are driving you from within, and get them all going in the same direction – your negative inner mind chatter ceases – and you can effortlessly sail towards your dreams…

I have a deeper program that takes a few days, called The Gift of Harmony, that realllly straightens out those conflicting parts within you – once and for all.


If you’d like to work with me to uncover and release your internal conflicts, in person or online – bringing clarity and new direction, please contact:

More info:  www.jelila.com

To book:  www.calendly.com/jelila

Here’s a page from my book, The Gift of Harmony, showing the four parts of your self:Get your 4 Reflections - STOP inner confusion!

More info:  www.jelila.com

To book:  www.calendly.com/jelila


1 Sure Way to STOP Procrastinating!

Procrastinating happens because 1 or more of 4 key ‘characters’ within you don’t agree! In my 17 year business as a therapist, I believe people waste as much as 80-95% of their total energy on inner conflict like this! That’s why I created The Gift of Harmony – a way of getting all 4 parts of you going in the same direction – so you can put your energy into creating your dreams – and STOP PROCRASTINATING!

1 Sure Way to STOP Procrastinating!

11 Steps to Work-Life Balance in 2.5 Days

Work-Life balance – as you release 11 Core negative beliefs that are the main concerns of 4 key characters within you, you will find that it becomes easy to relax – and get all 4 wheels of your car pumped up and going in the same direction!

11 Steps to Work-Life Balance in 2.5 Days

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