COVID​-​19 ANTI​-​VIRUS – a Creative Visualisation by Jelila intended to help you relax and for health and wellbeing

This healing meditation by Jelila is intended to help you relax, and for positive intentions towards health and wellbeing around COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Creative Visualisation is a powerful tool that allows your sub-conscious mind to create its own solutions via imagery and feelings, and is intended to help it to understand what it needs to do.

Jelila is a powerful healer who uses music, imagery, art therapy, reprogramming and other methods to effect rapid change.

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Upcoming Retreat in Ubud Bali, March-April 2020: Unity in Isolation

As you listen to the Creative Visualisation, allow yourself to relax and follow the instructions. Don’t worry if you can’t ‘see anything’! In fact, stop even trying. Just feel, hear or experience the meditation in your own way.

Try using the open-mouthed breath described in the recording, even afterwards, this breath is very important in healing, and helpful in getting you to release feelings, as it activates your chakra energy system, which is there to help you process your emotions and experiences, so that it can function and help you, and allow you to understand things through your more powerful sub-conscious mind (rather than over-thinking!)

Jelila is a powerful healer who uses music, imagery, art, crystals, Reprogramming and other methods to effect rapid change.

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Is Jelila still in Bali? Is Jelila Healer still in Bali? Is Jelila Spiritual Healer still in Bali now?

Yes! Jelila is still in Bali and offering healing sessions now in person and online! Please Whatsapp +62 81339561271 email:
or book directly at:

March April 2020: Jelila is running a Retreat in Ubud: Unity in Isolation:
Hello everybody, a non-touch ‘Namaste’ and air kiss to you all. I’m offering a creative retreat 1-2 weeks called ‘Unity in Isolation’ suitable for any visitors who maybe feel a bit lost, scared, alone and bored here, and need a more supported environment to self-isolate. Details are below, please pm me for details or access be well, Jelila 🙏🥰

See the venue here (sorry these current videos are a bit casual but they do show the beautiful environment and quality venue. More soon!)
More info and booking – hurry! as places are limited to only 8-10 lucky people!

UNITY IN ISOLATION RETREAT with Jelila, top spiritual healer, Bali in response to Coronavirus COVID-19

Hello everybody, a non-touch ‘Namaste’ and air kiss to you all. I’m offering a creative retreat 1-2 weeks called ‘Unity in Isolation’ suitable for any visitors who maybe feel a bit lost, scared, alone and bored in Bali, and need a more supported environment to self-isolate. Details are below, please pm me for details or access be well, Jelila 🙏🥰

27th March  to  3rd or 10th  April 2020

Let’s enter a safe space together as we discover a New Creative Paradigm! Book and Pay Here

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7 or 14 Nights available – Private or Shared Room, Paying the US$700 deposit secures your space and we will contact you with full details.

 Limited to 8-10 people – Deposit is 50% Refundable should unforeseen events occur.  See the venue here (sorry these current videos are a bit casual but they do show the beautiful environment and quality venue. The sound is grass cutting, sorry!

7 Nights, Private Room:  US$ 2,200

7 Nights, Shared Room: US$ 1,195

14 Nights, Private Room: US$ 3,395

14 Nights, Shared Room: US$ 3,575

Deposit (for any) US$ 700 is 50% Refundable

Terms:  Payment in full before retreat begins.


7 or 14 Nights Accommodation in Private or Shared Room, with breakfast in a beautiful secluded fresh-air countryside resort 10 mins from Ubud, Bali.

Healthy food  – private balinese distance health blessing at hotel, welcome distance dinner -workshops (harmonizing your life, discovering your authentic direction, self healing, creativity, feminine empowerment, sound & crystal healing) – 2 x soothing flower baths – daily yoga and meditation   – creative visualization  – sound healing journeys  – journaling activities – art therapy – clay sculpting – drawing – painting – fairy making – inner child retrieval – fear and anxiety release  – chakra balancing -balinese cookery class – optional extra: personal healing journey with jelila

A mix of ‘in-your-room’ or shared in-hotel group activities (with distance) according to your preference

We will be following health advice of james robb, mdfcap 

This Spiritual Retreat, still on in Bali, with Jelila, one of Bali’s top healers, who has featured in article ‘5 great Bali healers’, with 24 years experience in Bali, is designed as a supportive, nurturing place for you to stay and isolate in Bali or distance yourself voluntarily in Bali, in these uncertain times, with: Isolation principles, best practise and procedures, behaviours, tools, and reminders. Free Bali Masks and Hand Sanitiser kits, with Fear management, release and support. Playful, joyful, creative activities to lose yourself in. Healing, supportive, and exciting spiritual classes with Jelila,

Free positivity crystal healing necklace and soothing healing music by Jelila worth US$110.

NOTE that the only food included is Breakfast, and the Welcome Dinner (1 Dinner in each week of Retreat).  The Resort Menu and other menu options will be sent to you when you book.

After you pay your deposit, we will contact you with full details of the retreat including Workshop activities, daily schedule, health procedures during the retreat (our safety policy), menus and places to order in food, and more.

Queries:  Whatsapp +6281339561271 

or email

Healing 'Light Language Grid' for COVID-19 coronavirus – personal and planetary healing, spiritual healing for COVID-19 coronavirus Positive Intention by Jelila, International Spiritual Healer, Ubud, Bali

POSITIVE INTENTION: ‘All humans are safe and healthy and unaffected by COVID-19 virus, by or before 30th April 2020, gently, easily, and quickly, and in the highest good of all concerned’.

COVID-19 coronavirus Light Language Healing Grid by Jelila -  Print this out, have it near you, use as the background on your phone.

‘Unity in Isolation’ – Retreat with Jelila in Ubud, Bali, Mar-April 2020

POSITIVE INTENTION: ‘All humans are safe and healthy and unaffected by COVID-19 virus, by or before 30th April 2020, gently, easily, and quickly, and in the highest good of all concerned’. This is the intention of the Light Language Grid, above, which is for personal healing, and planetary healing, by Jelila, spiritual healer, Ubud, and is free to use.

A series of videos about the making of the grid, and the meaning of the sacred geometric shapes and colours, is on my Youtube channel, Jelilala.

To use the grid, please print it and put it where you can see it regularly,- you can use as a background on your phone. More details are below.

Light Language is a way of writing positive intentions as a vibrational energy. As you have the grid near you, which is a special combination of sacred geometries and colours that specify energies, your system picks up the positive information, on a sub-conscious level and begins to resonate or ‘vibe’ with the positive intention – assisting it to manifest as your ‘truth’. The more people who feel and vibe with the positive intention, the easier it is for it to manifest, for then ‘the energy already exists for it’ in the world.

Note that positive intentions need to be declared as if they are happening in the present – as the universe only understands ‘now’, and a request made for ‘the future’ never arrives.

So the grid helps, as an antidote to accidental negative requests born of ‘negative thinking’ or worry.

This Free grid, which I have written as a community grid, or free grid, can ideally be printed out and placed where you see it often. It is free to share, and please share it as widely as possible or use it on your phone.

Physical printing helps to actualise it and assists manifestation, so please print it out for me! I have provided a ‘4-up’ version (below) that prints 4 mini copies on 1x A4 sheet if you want to give it to friends. Making the grid your phone background so you see it often, is also a great idea.

Meaning of the Sacred Shaped Geometries and Colours in the grid:

I recorded the writing of the grid in a series of short videos, and commented on the meaning of the energies I saw emerging within it, as I channeled, or intuitively created, the grid. I am a certified Advanced Light Language Practitioner, which is how I can write the grid. These explanatory videos include explaining the meanings of some of the sacred geometric shapes and colours in the grid, are on my Youtube channel which is called jelilala.

Effects of the grid:

The grid includes energies which may:

– Provoke an aha moment (individually and globally)

-Cause physical healing solutions to be developed and widely shared

– Effect global healing (aka evoke new understanding)

– Cause physical healing to occur

-Provoke awareness and understanding (which is ‘healing’) personally and globally

– Ease the healing (planetary discovery) process and make it more comfortable and loving

– Make change more comfortable

– Allow space for new spiritual perspectives and discovery of new ways of being

What is Healing?

Note: ‘healing’ really means ‘uncovering, understanding and accepting what was previously not known, what was blocked, what was in conflict, or what was misunderstood, on a sub-conscious level’. Meaning, discordant creations are the accidental outward expression of some inner, usually hidden, discord or ‘need’ – in some part of the self – often relating to ‘safety’ – as safety is a deep human urge.

Fear of ‘others’ – a hidden, ‘underlying cause’ of COVID-19 coronavirus

In this case, I feel that the ‘fear of others’ is a key, hidden thought relating to COVID-19. Consider being afraid of infecting someone else. Or of someone affecting you. A simpler underlying truth might be that ‘others aren’t safe’.  Resolving that fear and overcoming it, which can potentially help to release physical  expressions of that fear, like COVID-19, is included in the grid.

The grid is intended to assist speedy understanding, healing and resolution. I chose the date for completion as being a balance between ‘unreasonably challenging to expect and ‘could be possible’. (This kind of goal grid always has a date attached.)

The safety proviso ‘gently, easily, and quickly, and in the highest good of all’ is designed to prevent us from ‘over-helping’ – or, interfering, in a spiritually meaningful experience, for example, or causing the treasure of the experience to be missed – where, a seemingly negative experience might actually be ‘in the highest good’. 

The grid contains certain positive energies. They come in a sequence or series of transformations. If you experience a strong reaction to the grid, please simply keep it further from you like a few metres away, until you grow accustomed to it. 

How you react to the grid

Your soul/body system will tend to ‘bring up’ anything within you that is ‘contra to’ or disharmonious with, the positive outcome of the grid. So it may cause some challenge or healing (discovery) in your personal experience, in order to bring hidden blocks or issues to your awareness and thus to assist planetary healing.

This discovery process IS the process of healing. If it feels too much for you, please put the grid farther away, and puff out feelings through your open mouth, til they release. Then come back to the grid, later, when ready.

PLEASE CONTINUE WITH HAND-WASHING and other physical solutions like distancing! Don’t stop! As this virus experience is already physically actualised, physical solutions need to CONTINUE ALONGSIDE spiritual healing ones like the grid.

More information about Light Language and how it works, is on my website

I hope this grid is helpful to you, to your loved ones, and for planetary healing.

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‘Unity in Isolation’ Retreat with Jelila in Ubud, Bali, March-April 2020

Jelila is an international healer and Advanced Light Language practitioner. She featured in a blog as one of the ‘5 best Bali healers‘,  has a successful 23 year healing practise, and has written 5 books on personal development, available on Amazon/Kindle. She has recorded more than 20 sound-healing mp3 collections, created her own deep belief-release healing modality ‘The Reprogramming’ and has appeared in many magazines. Jelila appears at top resorts like The Westin, The Four Seasons, Revivo, and The Bale. Her new, pink shop ‘Ubud Fairy Village’ is designed for art therapy, fun, and inner child healing, and opens soon near her healing space, at 31 Jl. Sukma Kusuma, Ubud.

Jelila - best healer Ubud - spiritual healer ubud - Light Language - Chakra Balancing - Past Life Regression - Bali -

Dealing with COVID-19 in Bali – coronavirus on a practical level – my checklist – what you can do about COVID-19 coronavirus – by Jelila, International spiritual healer, Ubud

Here’s a list of things you can do about COVID-19, that I’ve created from the many pieces of information I have read on the internet, it’s my personal list of what seems important:

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Hand to mouth contact is the main way for the virus to enter the body, so wash it harmlessly down the plughole instead!
  2. Wear a mask – mostly to remind you not to touch your mouth, nose and eyes – which is how you could accidentally introduce any virus, including COVID-19 coronavirus, to your body
  3. Change your facemask frequently to avoid it harbouring germs – if you don’t have any masks, you can make one from a kitchen towel and elastic bands, or invent something else, there are videos on Youtube.
  4. At any sign of sore throat, gargle immediately with warm salt water frequently to prevent any infection from entering deeper into your body. You want to keep the infection from your lungs, which is where it could become dangerous. 1 flat desert spoon of salt in a glass of warm water, gargle but don’t drink it – it is an emetic and will make you throw up!
  5. Use antiseptic sprays and wipes to cleanse your surroundings
  6. Practise social distancing, staying 1.5 metres away from others
  7. Avoid hugs and close contact, don’t shake hands – instead I suggest using ‘namaste’ as a greeting with the ‘hands praying’ symbol (which reminds the other person not to touch you).
  8. If you cough or sneeze, do so into the crook of your elbow to avoid contaminating your hands. Avoid coughing or sneezing towards others and throw tissues straight in the bin.
  9. If you feel feverish or have a temperature, call the medical services but do not go there (because of the risk of contaminating the service). Call for advice and use your local helpline who will ‘examine you’ online by a series of questions and tell you what to do.
  10. Practise Social distancing, which is very important and is how we can slow the spread of the disease, and ‘flatten the curve’ of its spread, helping to avoid overloading medical or other services, which are vital to many, not only those with COVID-19.
  11. If you are in lock-down, enjoy your time! Take the time to do things you always wanted to do, but haven’t. Write a book, make art, cook, chat with friends over the internet, or take a course online – there are many, including lots of great free ‘how to’ videos on Youtube (look up ‘how to’ on Youtube).
  12. If you are in Bali and have Balinese and Indonesian staff, educate them! Share and explain this list to them. Reassure them and tell them how to act in response to the virus. There are also some Indonesian explanation videos on Youtube that can be used.

Bali and Coronavirus COVID-19 – update – by Jelila, international spiritual healer, Ubud

I have written a planetary healing Light Language grid for healing the COVID-19 virus, it will soon be available in another post for you to access, and on my Youtube channel, Jelilala. I am also planning a ‘Wellness in Isolation’ Retreat in Bali for visitors who are here and dealing with isolation and COVID-19. The Retreat will use, teach, and support isolation and cleansing best practises while helping to reduce fear and worry and offering playful and creative learning activities. Please email me for details at: and I will be posting about this as well.

As of 17 March 2020, inward visas for visitors to Bali have been suspended by the Indonesian government by 1 month, in an effort to isolate to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The situation in Bali is calm and (some!) people are self-isolating. Flights in and out of China were immediately banned by Indonesia back in early Feb, and there is a response to Coronavirus here in place, as this article explains:

5 hospitals in Bali have been allocated to deal with the virus, and they are listed in the article. Testing for the virus is available (tests are sent to Jakarta) via the helpline below, available in English, so there is an active response to COVID-19 in place, here in Bali.

Bali Coronavirus Helpline: Indonesia Coronavirus Helpline COVID 19 Helpline in Bali:
The Bali Spirit Festival has been cancelled or postphoned, their website currently has information about Bali’s response to Coronavirus or COVID-19 Corona virus, including details further down the page of the Indonesian COVID Coronavirus Helpline, which is also available in English:

Save the World with Jelila

If planetary destruction is being caused by us – then the change must happen in the same place – within us. Jelila explains how – and while you’re doing this important Planetary Healing Process – Jelila also explains why things have always been this way – what really causes our ‘stress’ as humans – hidden, secret planetary history, that you need to know, right now. And how to change it. Please use the link at the end to share this information, which also has powerful and wonderful benefits for your life – as explained in the videos.

The preliminary video is an introduction to the series, and an intro to Jelila, planetary healer.

Video 1 – Empowering the Feminine – is a humdinger of a belief change that releases the feminine from centuries of hidden suppression by a hidden ‘intention’ that has been lurking in our psyches – changing it, releases you to feel your feelings, value your feelings, value women. You will not need ‘feminism’ once you acquire this new positive belief. You’ll also be able to contemplate having ‘equal relationships ‘ – at last! All is explained in the video.

Video 2 – Calming the Masculine – is a powerful subconscious transformation that calms your thinking mind, calming your overthinking and ‘egotistical tendencies’. This one also gets you off ‘the work treadmill’ – in a surprising and inspiring way.

Video 3 – Slowing the need for ‘Progress’ – is a powerful belief change that lets you… slow down and chill. It explains why we have a strong subconscious desire to constantly ‘improve’ and ‘progress’, where this comes from, and how this tendency is involved in our over-building and over-developing behaviour, which is wrecking the planet.

The intro and Video 1 is now available; the other videos are currently uploading and will appear on Youtube when ready.

Here’s the link to share:

More info:

How can sound heal you? with Jelila

Hi! I’m Jelila, International Healer.  I use sound to harmonise and heal.  How? well sound is a vibration, and so is feeling.  The sound vibrations gently shake your aura (energy field) and body to get your energy, and feelings, moving.  So you can heal.

Here’s my special song, I Choose Me.  Relax, use an open-mouthed breath (in and out through the mouth) – it helps you to feel.  It releases ‘negative’ feelings, too:

If you’re not willing, or able, to feel, how can you feel happy?

Of course, if you’d like to work with me, I will show you how to feel, and how you can release your feelings too.  For your happy life!  It works just as well in-person, or online.

More info:

To book:

Dream Interpretation and Meditation Symbols and Numbers – What Do They Mean? Find out with Jelila

Hi! I’m Jelila, International Healer, and my clients often ask the meaning of their dream symbols, meditation symbols and numbers.

Dream guides are not very accurate – here’s an accurate way to get what your symbol means, for you.

Relax,  breathe, use a gentle open-mouthed breath, in and out through the mouth, let your energy move, as you listen to this simple creative visualisation meditation I created for Dream Interpretation:



If you’d like to know more about your dream or meditation symbols or numbers, you can also book a session with me, of course!  In person, or online works just as well.

More info:

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Your Inner Child – Joyful? Or Hurt and Hiding In The Cupboard? Release Your Stuck Throat Chakra.

Hi, I’m Jelila, International Healer. I often hear ‘I’m creatively blocked’ from my clients – or ‘my throat chakra is blocked’.

Try ‘Inner Child Treasures’ and ‘Activating the Magical Child’ to free up your throat chakra and your self-expression. Close your eyes, use a gentle open mouthed breath in and out, and just give yourself to the experience.


And – if some imagery shows up that seems different from what I’m saying – just go with it, will you?

Oh – and ‘what’s that funny singing?’  It’s Light Language. Using ‘nonsense’ words which make a sound wave as a ‘vehicle’, I can transport positive ideas feelings wishes and beliefs to you directly – without words.  That’s why it is so oddly comforting.

Blocked throat chakra means – in a nutshell – that your Inner Child – the playful part of you – may have had a hard time when you were a child. It can still be still ‘stuck in the past’ – hurt, sorrowful and can’t express itself – feeling criticized by another part of you – your ‘Inner Masculine’ or ‘ego’.

To help these parts get on, which can help your Inner Child feel more free and feel more supported in its desired expression – I’ve created some mini meditations to help. Just listen to these and they’ll help you feel freer and more creative in no time!

And if you’d like to work with me directly to heal your inner child and feel more playful and creative – sure you can! In person or online works just as well.

More Information:

To book:

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