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If planetary destruction is being caused by us – then the change must happen in the same place – within us. Jelila explains how – and while you’re doing this important Planetary Healing Process – Jelila also explains why things have always been this way – what really causes our ‘stress’ as humans – hidden, secret planetary history, that you need to know, right now. And how to change it. Please use the link at the end to share this information, which also has powerful and wonderful benefits for your life – as explained in the videos.

The preliminary video is an introduction to the series, and an intro to Jelila, planetary healer.

Video 1 – Empowering the Feminine – is a humdinger of a belief change that releases the feminine from centuries of hidden suppression by a hidden ‘intention’ that has been lurking in our psyches – changing it, releases you to feel your feelings, value your feelings, value women. You will not need ‘feminism’ once you acquire this new positive belief. You’ll also be able to contemplate having ‘equal relationships ‘ – at last! All is explained in the video.

Video 2 – Calming the Masculine – is a powerful subconscious transformation that calms your thinking mind, calming your overthinking and ‘egotistical tendencies’. This one also gets you off ‘the work treadmill’ – in a surprising and inspiring way.

Video 3 – Slowing the need for ‘Progress’ – is a powerful belief change that lets you… slow down and chill. It explains why we have a strong subconscious desire to constantly ‘improve’ and ‘progress’, where this comes from, and how this tendency is involved in our over-building and over-developing behaviour, which is wrecking the planet.

The intro and Video 1 is now available; the other videos are currently uploading and will appear on Youtube when ready.

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How can sound heal you? with Jelila

Hi! I’m Jelila, International Healer.  I use sound to harmonise and heal.  How? well sound is a vibration, and so is feeling.  The sound vibrations gently shake your aura (energy field) and body to get your energy, and feelings, moving.  So you can heal.

Here’s my special song, I Choose Me.  Relax, use an open-mouthed breath (in and out through the mouth) – it helps you to feel.  It releases ‘negative’ feelings, too:

If you’re not willing, or able, to feel, how can you feel happy?

Of course, if you’d like to work with me, I will show you how to feel, and how you can release your feelings too.  For your happy life!  It works just as well in-person, or online.

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Dream Interpretation and Meditation Symbols and Numbers – What Do They Mean? Find out with Jelila

Hi! I’m Jelila, International Healer, and my clients often ask the meaning of their dream symbols, meditation symbols and numbers.

Dream guides are not very accurate – here’s an accurate way to get what your symbol means, for you.

Relax,  breathe, use a gentle open-mouthed breath, in and out through the mouth, let your energy move, as you listen to this simple creative visualisation meditation I created for Dream Interpretation:



If you’d like to know more about your dream or meditation symbols or numbers, you can also book a session with me, of course!  In person, or online works just as well.

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Your Inner Child – Joyful? Or Hurt and Hiding In The Cupboard? Release Your Stuck Throat Chakra.

Hi, I’m Jelila, International Healer. I often hear ‘I’m creatively blocked’ from my clients – or ‘my throat chakra is blocked’.

Try ‘Inner Child Treasures’ and ‘Activating the Magical Child’ to free up your throat chakra and your self-expression. Close your eyes, use a gentle open mouthed breath in and out, and just give yourself to the experience.


And – if some imagery shows up that seems different from what I’m saying – just go with it, will you?

Oh – and ‘what’s that funny singing?’  It’s Light Language. Using ‘nonsense’ words which make a sound wave as a ‘vehicle’, I can transport positive ideas feelings wishes and beliefs to you directly – without words.  That’s why it is so oddly comforting.

Blocked throat chakra means – in a nutshell – that your Inner Child – the playful part of you – may have had a hard time when you were a child. It can still be still ‘stuck in the past’ – hurt, sorrowful and can’t express itself – feeling criticized by another part of you – your ‘Inner Masculine’ or ‘ego’.

To help these parts get on, which can help your Inner Child feel more free and feel more supported in its desired expression – I’ve created some mini meditations to help. Just listen to these and they’ll help you feel freer and more creative in no time!

And if you’d like to work with me directly to heal your inner child and feel more playful and creative – sure you can! In person or online works just as well.

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Self-Healing Tips and Tricks – Easy yet Powerful Ways to Feel Good – For your Happy Life!

Hi! This is Jelila, top international healer.

I know you’re keen to grow, and create your happy life – but maybe you don’t always have the budget or time for healing sessions – so here are some quick easy tips for self-healing – free, easy yet super powerful! Try these daily or weekly and you’ll be amazed at how they help your transformation:


Of course, if you’d like an individual session to help you work through something, please let me know. Sessions work just as well remotely by Skype etc. as they do in person.

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Paint the Sky… Your Favourite Colour with Jelila, top international healer

  Hi! This is Jelila, top international healer, with a video I created called Paint the Sky – Your Favour Colour’. The video sums up my aim for you – that you can feel free, happy, and are able to express yourself fully in the way that you want – whether it be in your relationships, at work, or creatively.   My goal is to empower you – not to make you dependent on me – simply to give you what you need, release the blocks, take off the limitations – so that the true ‘you’ can be seen – and can really fly!   Have a look at the video and see if it inspires you – and if you’d like to work with me towards your goals, for your happy life – please contact: More information: To book:

Light Language & Sacred Geometry Courses With Jelila

Hi! I’m Jelila, International Healer.  Learn to Read Auras, Discover Sacred Shapes and Colours and their meaning, Commission a Light Language Grid (a special configuration of Sacred Geometric Shapes in various Colours) to help you manifest health, wealth, and other desires. Head over to my store with this handy link to check out what’s available!

See these Sacred Geometry picks on my Online Store

Light Language Courses with Jelila  Sacred Geometry -

Please Click on this image to see it larger in your browser. Then right click and ‘Save image as’ to download. Please click the link above or below this image to visit Sacred Geometry in my Online Store. Thanks.

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Trip Adviser Review of Jelila – Sacred Geometry Course

Hi! I’m Jelila, International healer.  I’m an Advanced Light Language Practitioner – that means I have done a 10 day course, learning about 120 colours and 140 Sacred Geometric Shapes, and having all the possible permutations of those installed in  my ‘Aura’ the light field around my body – so that I can know and sense, and work with all of those shapes.  I also understand and can write Light Language – a request to the Universe in Light to create or manifest or heal something.  I also sing Light Language.

Here is a review from a student who learned Light Language with me – sacred geometry – where metaphysics meets science.Trip Adviser Review of Jelila - Sacred Geometry

See reviews of my work on TripAdvisor.

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Abundance Wealth Crystal Healing Necklace By Jelila

Expansive, Attractive, Charismatic crystals in the Abundance Crystal healing necklace by Jelila, designed to expand your charisma as you wear it. Not for days when you ‘feel low’ – as it expands what you have already! Wear it when you feel good and want to expand that.

Pale yellow citrine has a vibration that feels similar to the vibration of money – so when you have it near you, you start to naturally pick up the vibration and feel more naturally wealthy. The Universe then also can perceives you as richer, and begin to reflect that to you, by sending more opportunity and wealth to you. Citrine is also inspiring and uplifting, good for positive thinking, connecting with and activating your business and action-oriented navel chakra, aiding your creativity, success, influence, and charisma in business.

Carnelian, which ranges from brown and black through various shades of orange and red – is a marvellous crystal for creating gentle flow, especially in its orange form, and bringing things together, in your life. It can help your cash flow, and connects with your sacral chakra, which represents how you flow in life, and is a great crystal to encourage more opportunities to flow to you.

Red agate is grounding. It helps to solidify opportunities and make them real. It helps to fully physically manifest opportunities and cash, connecting with your physical base chakra, drawing wealth to you.

All three of these wealth-encouraging crystals are included in the Abundance Crystal Healing Necklace by Jelila, which is also specially programmed with the intention of helping you manifest your most positive dreams and desires. The crystals work together – the Citrine is there to attract wealth, the Carnelian to help it flow, and the Red Agate to encourage it to physically come to you.
Available here
Available here
Abundance Wealth Crystal Healing Necklace By Jelila

See The Power of Crystals book on Amazon/Kindle

See The Power of Crystals book in Jelila’s online store

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4 New Crystal Healing Necklaces By Jelila – Power Up Your Positive Energy With Crystals!

Hi!  I’m Jelila, International Healer, and I love to share the positive energy of crystals – an amazing, so powerful and much underrated way to support your happy life – especially when the crystals are placed in special combinations, and programmed, as mine are.

These 4 new Crystal Healing Necklaces by Jelila were requested and inspired by clients in these 4 key areas of interest:

Pain Management– has crystals specially designed to help manage pain of any kind, for emotional or physical pain (watch video testimonial about how it works)

Conflict Resolution – works to resolve your inner conflicts, as well as helping your outer conflicts in relationships

Soulmate Love – aims to help you find your soulmate by resolving your inner conflicts about soulmate relationship

Soul Purpose – designed to help you gain clarity around your soul purpose so you feel clarity about direction and moving forward.

Just wear them, to feel the effect.  They need to be in your aura – the light field around you – within about 1 metre of your body, to work.
4 New Crystal Healing Necklaces By Jelila - Positive Energy!

See your choice of Crystal Healing Necklace in my online store:
Pain Management, Conflict Resolution,
Soulmate Love, and Soul Purpose.

See The Yoga Chord Crystals – the ‘overall powerhouse’ healing necklace – in my online store

See my book The Power of Crystals on Amazon/Kindle

See my book The Power of Crystals in my online store

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Simply wear to help you feel good and enhance each of those areas. Pain Management, Conflict Resolution, Soulmate Love, and Soul Purpose. Simply blow on your Crystal Healing Necklace to release absorbed negativity. Guaranteed against breakage for 10 years.

“Crystals when specially selected and programmed can do amazing things for your wellbeing and positivity – in a completely harmless, non-invasive and natural way!”  Jelila, author of The Power of Crystals.

Of course, you can also book an individual session with me if you’d like Crystal Healing, or to find out which crystals are best for you – in person, or online/by distance healing, works just as well.

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