Self-Healing Tips and Tricks – Easy yet Powerful Ways to Feel Good – For your Happy Life!

Hi! This is Jelila, top international healer.

I know you’re keen to grow, and create your happy life – but maybe you don’t always have the budget or time for healing sessions – so here are some quick easy tips for self-healing – free, easy yet super powerful! Try these daily or weekly and you’ll be amazed at how they help your transformation:


Of course, if you’d like an individual session to help you work through something, please let me know. Sessions work just as well remotely by Skype etc. as they do in person.

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Paint the Sky… Your Favourite Colour with Jelila, top international healer

  Hi! This is Jelila, top international healer, with a video I created called Paint the Sky – Your Favour Colour’. The video sums up my aim for you – that you can feel free, happy, and are able to express yourself fully in the way that you want – whether it be in your relationships, at work, or creatively.   My goal is to empower you – not to make you dependent on me – simply to give you what you need, release the blocks, take off the limitations – so that the true ‘you’ can be seen – and can really fly!   Have a look at the video and see if it inspires you – and if you’d like to work with me towards your goals, for your happy life – please contact: More information: To book:

Light Language & Sacred Geometry Courses With Jelila

Hi! I’m Jelila, International Healer.  Learn to Read Auras, Discover Sacred Shapes and Colours and their meaning, Commission a Light Language Grid (a special configuration of Sacred Geometric Shapes in various Colours) to help you manifest health, wealth, and other desires. Head over to my store with this handy link to check out what’s available!

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Light Language Courses with Jelila  Sacred Geometry -

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Trip Adviser Review of Jelila – Sacred Geometry Course

Hi! I’m Jelila, International healer.  I’m an Advanced Light Language Practitioner – that means I have done a 10 day course, learning about 120 colours and 140 Sacred Geometric Shapes, and having all the possible permutations of those installed in  my ‘Aura’ the light field around my body – so that I can know and sense, and work with all of those shapes.  I also understand and can write Light Language – a request to the Universe in Light to create or manifest or heal something.  I also sing Light Language.

Here is a review from a student who learned Light Language with me – sacred geometry – where metaphysics meets science.Trip Adviser Review of Jelila - Sacred Geometry

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Abundance Wealth Crystal Healing Necklace By Jelila

Expansive, Attractive, Charismatic crystals in the Abundance Crystal healing necklace by Jelila, designed to expand your charisma as you wear it. Not for days when you ‘feel low’ – as it expands what you have already! Wear it when you feel good and want to expand that.

Pale yellow citrine has a vibration that feels similar to the vibration of money – so when you have it near you, you start to naturally pick up the vibration and feel more naturally wealthy. The Universe then also can perceives you as richer, and begin to reflect that to you, by sending more opportunity and wealth to you. Citrine is also inspiring and uplifting, good for positive thinking, connecting with and activating your business and action-oriented navel chakra, aiding your creativity, success, influence, and charisma in business.

Carnelian, which ranges from brown and black through various shades of orange and red – is a marvellous crystal for creating gentle flow, especially in its orange form, and bringing things together, in your life. It can help your cash flow, and connects with your sacral chakra, which represents how you flow in life, and is a great crystal to encourage more opportunities to flow to you.

Red agate is grounding. It helps to solidify opportunities and make them real. It helps to fully physically manifest opportunities and cash, connecting with your physical base chakra, drawing wealth to you.

All three of these wealth-encouraging crystals are included in the Abundance Crystal Healing Necklace by Jelila, which is also specially programmed with the intention of helping you manifest your most positive dreams and desires. The crystals work together – the Citrine is there to attract wealth, the Carnelian to help it flow, and the Red Agate to encourage it to physically come to you.
Available here
Available here
Abundance Wealth Crystal Healing Necklace By Jelila

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4 New Crystal Healing Necklaces By Jelila – Power Up Your Positive Energy With Crystals!

Hi!  I’m Jelila, International Healer, and I love to share the positive energy of crystals – an amazing, so powerful and much underrated way to support your happy life – especially when the crystals are placed in special combinations, and programmed, as mine are.

These 4 new Crystal Healing Necklaces by Jelila were requested and inspired by clients in these 4 key areas of interest:

Pain Management– has crystals specially designed to help manage pain of any kind, for emotional or physical pain (watch video testimonial about how it works)

Conflict Resolution – works to resolve your inner conflicts, as well as helping your outer conflicts in relationships

Soulmate Love – aims to help you find your soulmate by resolving your inner conflicts about soulmate relationship

Soul Purpose – designed to help you gain clarity around your soul purpose so you feel clarity about direction and moving forward.

Just wear them, to feel the effect.  They need to be in your aura – the light field around you – within about 1 metre of your body, to work.
4 New Crystal Healing Necklaces By Jelila - Positive Energy!

See your choice of Crystal Healing Necklace in my online store:
Pain Management, Conflict Resolution,
Soulmate Love, and Soul Purpose.

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See my book The Power of Crystals in my online store

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Simply wear to help you feel good and enhance each of those areas. Pain Management, Conflict Resolution, Soulmate Love, and Soul Purpose. Simply blow on your Crystal Healing Necklace to release absorbed negativity. Guaranteed against breakage for 10 years.

“Crystals when specially selected and programmed can do amazing things for your wellbeing and positivity – in a completely harmless, non-invasive and natural way!”  Jelila, author of The Power of Crystals.

Of course, you can also book an individual session with me if you’d like Crystal Healing, or to find out which crystals are best for you – in person, or online/by distance healing, works just as well.

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See my book The Power of Crystals in my online store

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Melanie: How The Gift of Harmony changed my life

Melanie: ‘The Gift of Harmony course changed my life. It enabled me to express myself creatively and now I find I have time to create and do everything I want. It is amazing and I recommend you to do it now – don’t put it off a minute!’
Melanie:  How The Gift of Harmony changed my life

Watch Melanie on Video.  Get yours here

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See my book The Power of Crystals in my online store

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Giada: Why I love my Jelila Healing Crystal Necklaces

Giada: ‘I feel great wearing my Jelila Healing Crystal necklaces. The power of the crystals is amazing – I feel it. I love to wear the Goddess Necklace as a crown – it feels uplifting and light and inspiring!’
Giada:  Why I love my Jelila Healing Crystal Necklaces

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See The Yoga Chord Crystals in my online store

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See my book The Power of Crystals in my online store

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Crystal Properties in Indonesian – Fungsi Kristal di Bahasa Indonesia

Crystal Properties in Indonesian - Fungsi Kristal di Bahasa Indonesia
Please Right-Click and ‘save image’ to keep this handy reference on Crystals.
*12-PERS-PROTECTOR---CIRCLETPelindung dari Ilmu Hitam
Black Magic Protector

*Banyak orang khawatir tentang ilmu hitam,benar kan?-yang mana merupakanenergy negatif datang dari luar diri anda,diarahkan pada diri anda oleh orang lain atau kekuatan negatif tak kasat mata.

A lot of people worry about Black Magic (in Inonesia and Asia) don’t they – by Black Magic we mean – a negative energy or bad intention, negative intention coming from outside yourself, being directed at you by other people or by unseen negative forces.  Western people often call this ‘dark energies’. Even Western people, in Indonesia, can start to worry about this.

*Orang Indonesia cenderung melihat diri meleka sebagai kelompok.Mereka meras terbuka dan tidak ada batasan disekitar mereka.

Culturally, Indonesian people tend to see themselves as a group. They feel they are open and have no boundary around themselves.

*Hal ini berarti mereka dapat merasa tak terlindungi,dan tetbuka untuk diserang.

This means that they can feel un-protected, and open to attack.

*Lalu bagaimana agar kita bisa merasa lebih aman dan berhenti menghawatirkan soal ilmu hitam dan energi2?

So how can we feel safer and stop worrying about Black Magic and dark energies or negative energies?  How can we stop feeling we need protection from ‘dark energies’?

*(Ramuan)Kristal penyembuh Pelindung Pembatas adalahsebuah kantong yang didalamnya berisi kombinasi kristal spesial,diprogram untuk membantu anda belajar memahami bahwa anda memang mempunyai lingkaran batasan disekitar anda dan tak ada yang bisa melewatinya.

The Boundaries Protector Crystal Healing Remedy is a small pouch with a special combination of crystals inside, programmed to help you learn that you that you do have a boundary around you – and that nothing can cross it!

*Cukup dengan membawa kristalnya-anda mulai belajar bahwa anda memang memiliki pembatas- sehingga anda pun merasa aman dan nyaman.

By simply carrying the device – you start to learn that you do have a boundary – and so you start to feel more safe and comfortable!

*Saat anda mengetahui bahwa anda aman dan terlindungi oleh pembatad anda sendiri-dan memang-dengan memiliki pembatas tersebut-maka tidak ada ysng dapat masuk atsu menyakiti anda.

As you get to know that you are safe and protected by your own boundary – and indeed – to have such a boundary – so nothing can enter or harm you.

*Anda bisa membawanya,atau letskan kristal penyembuh pelindung pembatas in dalam rumah,atau di daerah2 berpotensi negatif.

You can carry it, or place the Boundaries Protector Crystal Healing Remedy in your house, or any negative areas, as well.

*Hanya perlu berada di dalam aura anfa saja agar kristal ini bekerja.Anda mengambilenergi “keamanan”-sehingga anda merasa lebih baik.

It just needs to be in your aura to work. You pick up the energy of ‘safety’ – so you feel much better!

*Bagaimana orang menggunakannya?(testimoni)

*Saya punyapa sepasang klien di Singapura,mereka merasakan rumahb mereka sangat negatif.Rumah2 di Singapura memang terkenal berhantu!saya memmberi mereka 4 Remedy(ramuan) kristal penyembuhan untuk diletakkan pada masing2 sudut rumah mereka.Dan merekamasing2 memakai kalung Detox Kristal Penyembuhan.Mereka berdua pun merasa jauh lebih nyaman dan aman hanya dalam beberapa hari.

How have people used it? (Testimonial)

Base Chakra Crystals - Haematite for Stability and Grounding - from The Power of Crystals book by Jelila available on Amazon and Kindle and at www.jelila.comI had a couple who were clients in Singapore who felt very negative in their house. Singapore houses are famous for being haunted! I gave them 4 Crystal Healing Remedies for each corner of their house. And they each wore the Detox Crystal Healing necklace. They both felt much safer and more comfortable just after a few days.

*Saya juga melepaskan sesosok mahluk dari seorang anak kecil di Singapura,yang menyelamatkannya dari cap gangguan mental dan harus minum obat2an keras.Ibunya sangat bersyukur.Anak itu hanya membawa Pelindung dari ilmu hitam dan mulailah dia berhenti menyerap dan berkomunikasi dengan makhluk halus itu.Dan saya membersihkan makhluk halus itu menggunakan dupa dan Kalung detox kristal penyembuhan juga,untuk melepaskan negatifitad dari dirinya,dalam sebuah sesi penyembuhan.

I also released an Entity from a child, in Singapore, which saved her from being labelled a mental case and having to take heavy medicine. Her mother was so grateful. The child just carried the Black Magic Protector and so she began to stop absorbing and communicating information from the Entity. And I cleared the Entity using incense and using the Detox Crystal Healing Necklace as well, to release the negativity from her, during a healing session.

*Kristal untuk kelimpahan rejeki,kekayaan dan keberuntungan

Crystals for Abundance and Wealth and Luck.

*Kebanyakan orang suka punya ldbih banyak uang kan?

Most people would like to have more money, wouldn’t they?

*Bagaimana kita menggunakan kristal untuk menarik lebih banyak kekayaan dan keberuntungan?

How can we use crystals to attract more wealth and luck?

*Citrine sangat bagus untuk menrik uang-karena terasa seperti uang-rasanya aseperti kaya.Jadi saat anda membawanya,anda merasa menjadi orang yang lebih kaya dan beruntung.

Citrine is great for attracting money – because it feels like money – it feels like the feeling of being rich. So when you carry it, you feel more like a wealthy lucky person.

*Carnelian,kristal berwarna oranye-menambah aliran-jadi dapat membantu agar uang,keberuntungan,dan cinta mengalir pada anda.

Carnelian, an orange crystal – encourages flow – so it can help money, luck, and love flow to you.

Red agate terasa seperti tanah dan membantu uang datang pada anda dalam kenyataan.

*Red Agate feels like the earth and helps money come to you in reality.

*Kristal2 ini dapat anda temukan dalam remedie kristal penyembuhan uhtuk Kekayaan(yang memberi anda perasaan sudah memiliki uang),kristal penyembuhan Ekspansi (pengembangan),(memberi anda perasaan seperti “berkembang”dan kalung kristal penyembuhan untuk Kelimpahan (teras seperti uang,keberuntungan dan alirannya berkembang).

These crystals are found in the Wealth Crystal Healing Remedy (which gives you the feeling of ‘having money already’), the Expansion Crystal Healing Remedy (gives you the feeling like ‘expanding’), and the Abundance Crystal Healing necklace (feels like your money luck and flow expanding).

*Ketika anda menggunakannya,atau membawanya,anda mulai merasakan getaran kelimpahan keberuntungan-membantu menarik hal2 tersebut kedalam hidup anda.

As you wear them, or carry them, you start to feel the abundant luck vibration – helping you to attract those into your life.

Menyeimbamgan Chakra

Chakra Balancing

?Bagaimana dengan meyeimbangkan Chakra?-bagaimana cara kerjanya dan apa yang dapay dilakukan kristal?

How about ‘Chakra Balancing’ – how does that work and what can the crystals do?

Dimana anda merasakan energy yang terjebak,kristal2 akan membantunya bergerak,mejadikan aliran prana lancar diantara semua chakra2 anda, neningkatkan kesehatan,kesejahteraan diri,kelimpahan rejeki dan keberyntungan.

Where you have ‘stuck energy’ the crystals can help get that moving, enabling flow of prana among all your chakras, enhancing your health, wellbeing, abundance and luck.

Aliran prana yang sehat dalam sistem adalah definisi kesehatan.

Healthy flow of prana through your system is the definition of health.

Vibrasi(getaran)  Vibration

Can Crystals Harmonise and balance you naturally?  Yoga Chord. 1.2m of beautiful rainbow crystals, programmed to harmonise you as you wear it.  Jelila -

The ‘Yoga Chord’ – 20 macam-macam kristal untuk harmonis. Can Crystals Harmonise and balance you naturally? Yoga Chord. 1.2m of beautiful rainbow crystals, programmed to harmonise you as you wear it. Jelila –    

*Semua orang kenal seseorang dengan suatu vibrasi/getaran yang datar.Seseorang yang selalu sial, kehiangan,dan seting menghadapi saat2 sulit.

Everyone knows someone with a ‘blah’ flat vibration! The person who is always unlucky, always loses, always has a difficult time!

*Kenapa demikian!?kenapa mereka selalu menarik hal2 buruk?

Why do you think that is? Why do they always attract bad things?

*Ya,karena aura mereka negatif-energy negatif disekitar mereka.Hal ini karena-sekali anda merasa terpuruk-dikelilingioleh energi negatif-bisa jadi sangat sulit untuk bangkit.

Well it is because they have a negative aura – negative energy around them. The thing is – once you feel bad or down – have bad energy around you – it can be hard to get up!

*Memang sulit untuk menyeret pikiran anda pada hal2 yang sulit,ya kan?,kalau anda sedang terpuruk?

It is hard to drag your mind to a positive place, isn’t it? If you are ‘down’?

* dan keatas (semangat)adalah perasaan yang perlu anda rasakan, untuk menarik hal2 positif.

And Up is what you need to feel, to attract more positive things!

*Kalau tidak anda hanya akan menarik lebih banyak lagi hal2 negatif,benar kan?

Otherwise you just attract more negativity, don’t you?

*Jadi hari ini kita akan membicarakan tentang bagaimana menggunakan kristal sebagai cara sehat dan alami yang dapat membantu anda untuk bangkit dan merasa terangkat-sehingga anda bisa menarik hal2 positif.

So today we are talking about how we can use crystals as a natural and healthy way that can help you get up and feel up – so you can attract more positive things, more easily

*Bagaimana kristal menolong?.

How do Crystals Help?

*Kristal punya suatu structur yang teratur -seperti batu bata atau keramik

Crystals have an organised internal structure – like bricks or tiles.

the-power-of-crystals-book--the-easy-way-to-choose-and-use-crystals-for-healing-and-wellbeng-for-yo*Batu bata ini disebut dengan,lamellae

These bricks are called ‘lamellae’.

*Karena kristal teratur,mereka dapat menyimpan informasindan dapat diprogram dengan niat yang Positif.

Because crystals are organised, they hold information easily and can be programmed with positive intentions, which stay with you as you carry the crystal.

*Bagaimana kristal membantumu bangkit??

How do Crystals help you get ‘up’?

*Kristal bergetar dalam level microscopic.Masing2 memiliki getaran berbeda-Anggap kristal sepertii perasaan yang membeku-masing2 membawa perasaan tertentu.

Crystals vibrate on a microscopic level. Each has a different vibration – Think of crystals as being like ‘frozen feelings’ – each carries a particular feeling.

*Saat anda membawa kristal yang tepat,anda mulai mengambil/mendapatkan perasaan positif di area tersebut dalsm hidup anda.

As you carry the appropriate crystal, you start to pick up the positive feeling in that area of your life.

*Kristal membantu untuk menambah semangat,oleh suatu proses spesifik yang dikenal dengan ‘hiburan’,entertainment-anda mendapatkan getaran yang tinggi dan ini membantu untuk menjauhkan negaifitas

Crystals help raise your spirits, by a scientific process known as ‘entrainment’ – you pick up the high vibration and this helps negativity drop away, as you simply have crystals near you.

*Hal ini membantu anda merasa baik,lebih sukses,aman dan nyaman,dan meunjang kepribadian-tergantung pada ramuan kristal mana yang anda gunakan.

*This helps you feel good, be more successful, feel safe and comfortable, and supports well being – depending on which Crystal Remedy you use.

*Kristal apa yang seharusnya digunakan??

What Crystals should be used?

*Kebanyakan orang tau kristal kuarsa bening,-apa yang dapat dilakukannya?kristal lain apalagi yang ada yang juga dapat digunakan?

*Most people know the clear quartz crystal – what does that do? What other kinds of crystals are there that can be used?

*Ada lebih dari 100 000 jenis kristal di dunia ini.

Well there are more than 100,000 kinds of crystals existing in the world!

*Banyak sekali pilihan!!

That’s a lot to choose!

*Kuarsa bening membuat energy bergerak lebih cepat.Itu fungsinya.

Clear quartz gets energy moving faster. That’s what it does.

*-untuk memudahkan penggunaan kristal,Jelila seorang penulis dan ahli dalam penyembuhan kristal,telah mengidentifikasi 20 kristal kunci yang dapat membuat anda merasa positif,baik,dan aman dalam hidup anda.

– to make using crystals easier, Jelila, an author and expert in crystal healing, has identified 20 key crystals that can help you feel positive, good, and safe, in key areas of your life.

*Bukunya,The Power of Crystal (Kekuatan Kristal ) menjelaskan metodenya dan “Crystal Healing Remedies,dan Crystal Healing Necklaces(Kalung Kristal penyembuh)mengandung kristal yang secara positif sudah diprogramdan siap untuk anda gunakan,menjadikan kristal penyembuh lebih dapat diakses oleh semua orang.

Her book The Power of Crystals explains her method, and her ‘Crystal Healing Remedies’ and ‘Crystal Healing Necklaces’ contain crystals already positively programmed and ready for you to use for your well being, making crystal healing more accessible to all.

*Kristal mana yang dapat kita gunakan untuk menghilangkan negativitas?Jelila 8 Crystal Healing Necklaces for Harmony and wellbeing

Which Crystals can we use to get rid of Negativity?

*Onix hitam,mata kucing,garnet,baik untuk menghilangkan negatifitas.

Black Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet are good for detoxing negativity

*Kristal hitam seperti Onyc hitam,atau black tourmakline menyerap negativitas.

Black Crystals like Black Onyx, or Black Tourmaline absorb negativity.

*Mata kucing,-sebuah kristal dengan garis2 coklat dan hitamseperti mata macan,-menarik energi secara bersama2dan membantu mengumpulkan negativitas.

Tiger’s eye – a brown and black striped crystal like a tiger’s eye – pulls energies together and can help collect negativity.

*Garnet-sebuah kristal merah padam-menghubungkan dengan bumi dan membantu negativitas masuk ke bumi/tanah-imana negativitas2 tersebut tidak akan dapat menyakiti anda.

Garnet – a dark red crystal – connects to the earth and can help negativity go into the earth – where it can do you no harm.

*Kristal2 ini dapat anda temukan dalam Kalung penyembuh Detox negativitas-di design untuk menarik negatifitas,ketakutankekhawatiran,pikiran2 buruk,-agar menjauh dari anda dan dengan aman masuk ke tanah,melepaskan negativitas2 tersebut saat anda memakai kalung ini.

These crystals are found in the Detox Negativity Crystal Healing necklace by Jelila – designed to pull negativity, fears, worries, bad thoughts – away from you and safely into the ground, releasing them as you simply wear it.

Kristal untuk Cinta

Crystals for Love

Kunci untuka mencintai adalah dengan mencintai diri anda sendiri terlebih dahulu.Kemudian anda akan lebih terbuka unatuk cinta disekitar anda.

*The key to love, is loving yourself first. Then you become more open to love from around you.

*Tidak selalu mudah untuk mencintai diri anda sendiri,ya kan?

It is not always easy to love yourself though, is it!

*Kristal mana yang dapat membantu dalam hal ini?

Which crystals can help with that?

*Rose quartz terasa seperti cinta-punya getaran cinta.

Rose quartz feels like love – it has the vibration of love.

*Saat anda membawanya,anda mulai merasakan lebih banyak cinta.Kemudian alam semesta merefleksikan lebih banyak pengalaman cinta pada anda.

As you carry it, you start to feel more love. Then the universe reflects more love experiences to you.

*Kuarsa bening mebuat energy bergerak lebih cepat-jadi gunakanlah dengan rose quartz,membuat energi cinta bergerak lebih cepat.-sehingga anda merasakan lebih banyak cinta.

Clear quartz gets energy moving faster – so used with rose quartz, gets the love energy moving faster – so you feel more love.

*Kedua kristal ini ada di Remedi Kristal Penyembuhan Cinta,dan kalung kalung kristal penyembuhan cinta.

Both these crystals are found in the Love Crystal Healing Remedy, and the Love Crystal Healing Necklace by Jelila.

*Saat anda memakainya,anda memperluas cinta anda,dan ini membantu menarik lebih banyak cinta dalam hidup anda.

As you wear them, you expand your self-love, and this helps you attract more love in your life.

*Ramuan(remedy) kristal penyembuhan cinta dan kalung kristal penyembuhan juga bagus untuk penyembuhan secara general dan lembut juga menenangkan.Anda juga dapat menaruhnya dibawah bantal dan buat permohonan.

The Love Crystal Healing Remedy and the Love Crystal Healing Necklace are also good for general healing and are gentle and soothing. You can also put under your pillow and make a wish.

Kalung kristal penyembuhan Yoga adalah kalung sepanjang 1.2m dengan kristal warna-warni pelangi-kristal berwarna-masing2 bagian warna terhubung dengan chakra.Ini berartianasnda mendapatkan getaran positif untuk masing2 chakra saat anda memakainya.Kallung ini diprogram untuk mengharmoniskan anda.Anda juga dapat meletakkannya di sisi anda saa tidur untuk menyeimbangkan diri,membawa harmoni.

The Yoga Chord Crystal Healing Necklace by Jelila is a 1.2m necklace of rainbow-coloured crystals – each coloured section corresponds to a chakra. This means you get the positive vibration for each chakra, as you wear it. It is programmed to harmonise you. You can also rest with it lying beside you to balance yourself, bringing harmony.

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