New Affordable Session – Quick Boost

Thanks to all of you who took advantage of my ‘3 for 2’ session offer – some of you told me however that you’d prefer single sessions, so here is a brand new session for you, to fulfil that need!

Quick Boost – 1 hour – USD $50 or equivalent
This new session is a special offer for these times.  It includes some Reprogramming to neutralise negative beliefs, followed by intuitive healing by distance with Light Language song to calm and harmonise you, leaving you feeling clear, relaxed, and positive.

LIMITED OFFER  – only 5 SESSIONS PER WEEK like this!  First come first served!  So shoot me back an email right now, to claim yours!

You can pay in my online store by credit card, here is the link (of course I will honour all paid sessions!):

And book online by Calendly:
I get up very early, so early morning (my time) sessions and evening, are fine.  If you don’t find a time there that suits, please email or whatsapp me for a different time.  My timezone is same as Singapore (NOT Jakarta!)

All of this is offered online, by zoom, whatsapp video, etc, and via ‘distance healing’ – I don’t know if you know – that there is a ‘global energy grid’ – much like the internet – that energy is transmitted over?  So I can sense you just as well in another country, as I can when you are in my presence!

So you’ll receive the same care and attention, and my best efforts, all at a special low price, with just the same quality that you expect when you are here with me in Bali.

Book the Past Life session online

Or Whatsapp: +6281339561271

or Email me:

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Confusion Buster – how to overcome confusion, get clarity and get clear!

Hi! I’m Jelila, international healer.  And I’ve discovered something simple yet powerful that can help you overcome your confusion and get clear.  It’s that – different parts of you want different things!  Have a listen to my mp3 explaining, and showing you what you can do to untangle your inner mixed up desires:



When you understand the 4 inner characters that are driving you from within, and get them all going in the same direction – your negative inner mind chatter ceases – and you can effortlessly sail towards your dreams…

I have a deeper program that takes a few days, called The Gift of Harmony, that realllly straightens out those conflicting parts within you – once and for all.

If you’d like to work with me to uncover and release your internal conflicts, in person or online – bringing clarity and new direction, please contact:

More info:

To book:

Here’s a page from my book, The Gift of Harmony, showing the four parts of your self:Get your 4 Reflections - STOP inner confusion!

More info:

To book:


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